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Israeli Litigation
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Companies do not retain us for routine cases. Almost by definition, the cases that we regularly handle are complex – companies being sued in a foreign country or needing to recover assets in a foreign country.
The attorneys in our firm have over three decades of specializing in the representation of foreign companies in commercial disputes before Israeli courts. We also regularly represent Israeli companies in connection with disputes outside of Israel. Our familiarity with those issues that routinely affect foreign litigants – such as the exercise of jurisdiction or alternative methods for taking evidence internationally – is second to none.
Our typical cases include corporate governance disputes, joint ventures, loan disputes, disputes between manufacturers and their former (or present) distributors, licensing disputes (including franchise disputes), insurance coverage disputes, aviation disputes, enforcing foreign judgments and foreign arbitral awards, estate disputes, and product liability claims. There is hardly an area of international commerce that we have not litigated before Israeli courts.
Our concentration in international litigation in Israel, combined with the years of experience that our attorneys have had in handling complex litigation at major New York City law firms, make us uniquely qualified to advise non-Israeli clients regarding virtually every kind of commercial dispute involving Israeli parties or Israeli law.