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Evidence Taking

Our experience in international evidence-taking (including Letters of Request pursuant to the Hague Evidence Convention) is second to none.
Eric Sherby has been appointed many times by Israeli courts, in connection with cases pending before American courts, to oversee the production of documents in Israel and/or the taking of testimony from Israeli witnesses. In several of those cases, the Letter of Request that was signed by the court in the United States (for transmittal to Israel) expressly requested the appointment of Mr. Sherby, by name, as the Israeli-based lawyer to oversee the evidence-taking. In the most recent case, the party in the American proceeding that proposed Mr. Sherby as the appointed attorney is the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.
Mr. Sherby's experience as the court-appointed lawyer to oversee international evidence-taking has included the following types of cases: patent infringement, insider trading, copyright infringement, securities fraud, shareholder derivative claims, breach of contract, breach of trust, distributorship disputes, and trusts and estates disputes.
Our firm has substantial experience working with Israeli-based court reporters, videographers, and translators, which enables us to assist our non-Israeli co-counsel in carrying out evidence-taking as seamlessly as they would at home.
In addition, our firm has successfully obtained evidence in the United States, pursuant to 28 U.S.C. § 1782, for use before tribunals (courts and arbitrators) in Israel.