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Distribution and Licensing Agreements
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Distribution and licensing agreements are among the most common types of international contracts. Therefore, it is no surprise that distribution/ licensing relationships are frequently the most litigated commercial relationships, especially in Israel.
In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, Israeli courts issued several pro-distributor decisions. Those cases were based not only on principles of Israeli contract law but also on Israelís ever-evolving Unjust Enrichment Law. As a result of that line of cases, it has become routine for terminated Israeli distributors to sue their former suppliers.
Mr. Sherby has represented US, European, and Asian manufacturers in dozens of disputes with (former) distributors/licensees. His cases in this field have included the following industries: pharmaceuticals, computer software and hardware, x-ray equipment, lasers, food products, textiles, timber and paper, aluminum products, automotive parts, and air conditioning.
In addition, Mr. Sherby has advised numerous Israeli and foreign clients in the negotiation of distribution agreements in the medical equipment, cosmetics, defense, computer software and hardware, and beverage fields.