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IICA Adopts International Arbitration Rules, Drafted By Sherby
December 2007
We announced months ago that the Israeli Institute of Commercial Arbitration had asked Eric Sherby to draft a set of rules for use by the IICA in connection with international disputes.
In late 2007, the Rules Committee of the IICA formally adopted Mr. Sherby's draft rules as the institution's International Rules.
The International Rules can be accessed on this page by clicking on the "International rules" link.
Established in 1991, the IICA is Israel's leading arbitration institution.

Firm Client Enters Into Research Agreement, Sponsored By Office of Chief Scientist
September 2007
Our firm represented a major Israeli manufacturer and exporter in its negotiations with a leading Israeli academic institution that led to the execution, in late September 2007, of a Sponsored Research Agreement and related License Agreement.
Under the Research Agreement, the project will receive funding from Israel's Office of Chief Scientist.

Firm Client Obtains Discovery Order From US Court For Use Before Israeli Arbitrator
September 2007
Our firm represents a Canadian corporation that recently filed an application for discovery (documents and deposition testimony) from a resident of Minnesota, pursuant to 28 U.S.C. section 1782. The client's application was filed on an ex parte basis, and the order was granted on an ex parte basis by the federal judge. The Minnesota resident then filed a motion for reconsideration (essentially a motion to vacate the discovery order), which was denied in its entirety in September 2007.
The order obtained by our client is believed to be only the second section 1782 order granted by a federal court in connection with a non-US (private) arbitration.
Sherby & Co., Advs. expresses its deep appreciation to our client's local counsel, Doug Elsass (Minneapolis).
Note: Our firm does not identify our foreign clients by name, for reasons described in detail in About Our Clients.

Sherby Addresses ABA Forum On Electronic Discovery
August 2007
At the Annual Meeting of the American Bar Association in August, at a program sponsored by the Commercial Litigation Committee of the ABA's Section of Litigation, Eric Sherby spoke about the discovery () of electronic documents under Israeli law.
Other speakers addressed electronic discovery issues under the laws of Canada, Mexico, and the UK.

Jerusalem Post Publishes Sherby's Article On Pollard Case
October 2006
In October 2006, The Jerusalem Post published an Op-Ed piece, authored by Eric Sherby, suggesting a novel approach to the case of Jonathan Pollard. To view a copy of the Op-Ed piece, please click here. To view a copy of a follow-up letter to the editor, please click here.
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